As a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology, a Senior Physician at the SDA Hospital Kwadaso and a Lecturer at the Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology, School of Medical Sciences, Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology. I am able to provide my patients with state-of-the-art care covering the entire spectrum of gynaecology and obstetrics. The well-being and satisfaction of the patient are my main focus. It is my mission to provide competent and comprehensive evaluation, individual consultation and optimal treatment. Through continuous training, active medical research and most up-to-date equipment I am able to provide medical care according to the current state of research. If hospitalisation is required we will assist you. I will personally look after you during your entire stay.


Endometriosis is a benign disease affecting up to 10% of women in their reproductive age. Unfortunately, due to the variety of symptoms, the diagnosis of endometriosis is often delayed. However, due to pain and other symptoms endometriosis often leads to a reduction in the quality of life and potentially fertility. Due to the great burden endometriosis represents for affected women, it has taken on a very special significance in my professional life. Depending on the extent of the disease, the individual symptoms and family planning situation, the goal is to create an individual care concept with the patient.


The presence of a uterine fibroid is common. In about 30% of these women, the fibroids also cause symptoms that require detailed diagnosis. Fibroids are a particular focus of my clinical and scientific work. My goal is to provide comprehensive diagnostics, consultation and treatment from a single source.


The descent or prolapse of the uterus and urinary incontinence, which often accompanies uterine prolapse are common problems in women after menopause. Resulting complaints can significantly reduce the quality of life. A specific diagnostic evaluation is essential in order to offer a promising, individual treatment concept. Due to my specialized postgraduate training and by now considerable years of experience in the field of urogynecologic surgery, this area is one of my special focuses.


In some cases, surgery is necessary to clarify or treat diseases or infertility. In order to be able to perform this safely, and achieve optimal results, special dedication and comprehensive surgical training are required. The minimally invasive surgical approach plays a central role in modern gynaecology. Due to my additional postgraduate training in minimal invasive pelvic surgery at the Belarusian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education and at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center "Mother and Child" I have acquired a considerable expertise in the field of gynecologic surgery.


Increasingly, couples are having difficulties in fulfilling their desire to have children. Too often, infertility is still taboo and can become a real test for a relationship. However, with expert guidance, the cause can often be identified early and individual treatment can be initiated.


Health is one of the most important things in life. Regular gynaecological examinations serve the early detection of pathological changes and should be a matter of course for every woman. Early detection of health problems often allows for less invasive treatment options and more often allow complete healing without residuum. Other treatments, such as vaccinations (e.g. against the Human Papilloma Virus), can even prevent some pathologies. Regular preventative gynecological examinations can significantly improve your long-term health.


Trust and open communication form the necessary basis for the care of issues such as sexuality, contraception and fertility - important topics that should be addressed rather than being taboo. If contraception is desired, a variety of hormonal and non-hormonal options for contraception are available. The personal ideas and individual needs are decisive for the choice of the optimal method.


The female hormonal cycle is a sophisticated but also sensitive system. Even a slight imbalance can cause a variety of symptoms (bleeding abnormalities, sub-fertility, weight gain, loss of libido, menopausal problems, etc.) and can have a strong impact on physical and psychological well-being. However, after a thorough evaluation, these complaints are usually well amenable to treatment.


It is one of the most fulfilling tasks to accompany pregnant women from the confirmation of an early pregnancy until after birth. I offer comprehensive care, including all the examinations and I will be happy to advise you on all issues relating to pregnancy - e.g. prenatal diagnostics, birth mode, nutrition and exercise during pregnancy.


Genital infections are one of the most common reasons for consultation in the field of gynaecology. They range from simple fungal infections (e.g. Candida infection) of the vagina to serious infections of the reproductive organs in the abdominal cavity that can also threaten fertility. Especially recurrent infections can have a significant impact on the quality of life of patients. Comprehensive diagnostic evaluation and targeted therapy are essential to achieve long-term well-being.


The ovary and the fallopian tube are called the adnexa. If changes such as ovarian cysts occur, they are called adnexal masses. These cysts can cause symptoms or be asymptomatic and represent accidental findings on imaging. Although the majority of adnexal masses are benign, the diagnosis often causes uncertainty for the patient. The transvaginal ultrasound examination is the mainstay of diagnosis and planning of any further treatment.


Conspicuous PAP smear (ie, cytology) findings after gynaecological check-ups are not uncommon, and require further clarification in all cases. In addition to testing for a human papilloma virus (HPV) infection, an examination of the cervix using magnification (colposcopy) may be performed. If necessary, a small biopsy can be taken under direct visualization. In most cases this procedure is not painful. Colposcopy and biopsy allows for a reliable diagnosis of the presence of precancerous lesions (dysplasia) or cervical cancer.


Important decisions should be well considered. Obtaining a second opinion is often a matter of course here. For medical and organizational questions I am gladly available for consultation.


We offer aspiration and medication abortions . At RBA MEDICAL CENTER, medication abortions are available for people who are up to nine weeks pregnant. Aspiration abortions are available for people who are up to 16 weeks.

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